Dr. Prem Bajaj   is currently Medical Director of Modern Health Limited, London. He completed MBBS from Delhi University,  India, has a Fellowship of the College of General Practitioners, India, Doctor of Medicine (Copenhagen University, Denmark) Ph.D. in Pain Management (Alborg University, Denmark), Masters in Clinical Pathology and Immunology (Sheffield Medical School, UK), Masters in Pain Managment (Wales School of Medicine, Cardiff, UK) and Diploma in Medical Acupuncture and Hypnotherapy from UK. He has published articles in several international journals and is an honorary reviewer for several peer review journals. He has won several scholarships and awards during his career.

Dr. Prem Bajaj is a GMC licensed physician and a medical practitioner specialising in chronic pain management, clinical pathology, acupuncture and hypnotherapy. His approach to patient management is holistic and he also incoporates medical acupuncture and CBT-hypnotherapy into the management where appropriate. He subspecialises in managing fatigue syndromes, deaddiction, chronic diseases including fibromyalgia, Lyme disease and multiple chemical sensitivities. He has also gained broad, multi-speciality experience having worked in the departments of Neurology, Orthopaedics, Medicine and Pathology in large hospitals in Denmark and India. He has done his post-doctoral clinical research from the department of Addiction Pharmacology, San Francisco, USA .

Dr. Prem Bajaj is fluent in English, Danish, Hindi and Punjabi.

Dr. Prem Bajaj’s special strengths are that he is able to establish a special comfort zone with his patients and reaches the depth of their problems, providing them appropriate treatment and educating them to follow the principle ”prevention is better than cure”. His approach is full of empathy, sympathy and is non-judgemental.

His values are that he is truthful, honest and delivers with self clarity. He is an academic researcher, an expert in conducting clinical trials, a social worker, author, reviewer of scientific publications and also possess an indepth knowledge of drug development, drug safety and Good Medical Practices.

My Vision: To use my broad spectrum medical and clinical skills in the prevention and management of complex diseases and bringing goodness, happiness, good health and peace to all.